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Have the design of your choice sent with your cake topper Simply order

an Iron on T-Shirt Transfer.

Great for children's Birthday Parties, Hen nights, Stag do's, Special occassions, Charity events etc.- matching tshirts with a childhood photo of someone who's celebrating a milestone birthday, worn by all the party guests, are a great idea! You could even have a T-Shirt transfer to match their cake topper!
For orders of more than 10 we will offer a substantial discount, please contact us for details.

Please scroll down and enter the design and text that you need for your T-Shirt Transfer. We would not recommend putting a child's name onto a tshirt, but you can let us know what to write, if anything, in your comments below.

We will supply a transfer that you can iron directly onto your own pale coloured garment. Full instructions are detailed below.
The size of the transfer will be approx (A5) 7" x 5" which is ample for children and most adults, but we can supply the image up to A4 10" x 7.5" (approx) if you wish the design to be used on a larger adult sized T-Shirt.
To estimate the size of an A5 transfer, simply fold an A4 sheet of paper in half and hold it up against the chest, to see how it fits for the Child or Adult in question.
The image will arrive ready to iron and will be reversed so that it displays correctly once it's ironed.
The idea of this T-Shirt transfer is a bit of fun and after a few delicate washes there may be some cracking of the design. (It really depends on how carefully you wash your garment).We have used these transfers on our own tshirts and after 12 months they are still fine. Basically, the better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

How to use the transfer.....
Step 1:
You will need

* a t-shirt
* a transfer
* an iron
* a hard surface to iron on
* siliconised paper * some scissors
* some brown paper

Step 2:
Prepare the transfer
Trim the transfer around the image so it's easier to see where you are placing it on the material.
Step 3:
Find a hard surface
A surface which is heat resistant and large enough to support all of the transfer is best. A wooden chopping board, or work top should be ideal.
Step 4:
Set up the transfer
Put the material in place on the hard surface.
Position the transfer on the material, exactly where you want it to be in the end.
To stop the transfer being printed onto both sides of the T shirt, place brown paper in between the layers.
Step 5:
Iron it on
Turn on your iron and let it heat up. Transfers will need a very hot iron, and a lot of pressure. However if it's too hot, you can melt the transfer and ruin the image.
Place the silicone paper over the transfer. You should keep the iron moving in large circles. Concentrate on the edges of the image first and work your way in to the centre.
Step 6:
Remove the backing
When cold, peel away gently. To do it before it's cold could make the image move around or crack. After removing the backing, place your silicone paper back over the transfer and give it a quick iron to seal the deal.
Step 7:

Future care
Now that you have transferred the image successfully, you will want to keep it perfect.

Washing Instructions
Step 1. Wait at least 24 hours before washing.
Step 2. Turn the fabric inside out before washing.
Step 3. Machine wash separately (first time only) in cold water with colour-safe detergent.
Step 4. Remove promptly and dry on a warm setting. Leaving the wet fabric in the washer can cause it to bleed. If bleeding occurs, rewash immediately.
NOTE. After washing, do not iron directly over the transfer - the transfer will stick to the iron.

Below is a short video, courtesy of Videojug which shows the process involved in making a transfer and applying a transfer. We'll be sending the transfer ready to apply so you can safely ignore the irrelevant steps.

How To Make And Use Iron On Transfers

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