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Here are our videos showing the easy oven method and lower down the page are the videos showing the freezer method.

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Above is the Oven method. Below are a few different videos showing the Freezer method, including how to trim a topper with scissors.

How to use our printed cake toppers

How to use our printed cake toppers

Please read both pages completely

1. If this is your first time using a cake topper, then please decorate and apply your topper on your cake a few days before your special day, in the unlikely event of a problem, we can be contacted for advice, and can help avoid a disaster for your loved ones' cake before it's too late. We can email a video which shows how simple they are to remove using the freezer method. Please ask if you need help! Call us on 07527 278871 and leave a message if we are unable to answer.

2. Important: Please store your cake topper in the zip lock bag and board backed envelope provided and away from any extremes of temperature or high humidity, until you are ready to use it. Humidity and heat can adversely affect the toppers' ability to be removed from the backing sheet.

3. Have a plain iced cake ready. Cake toppers will work on almost any type of cake covering, the only exception is fresh cream, which has high water content and will need a thin covering of white butter cream under the topper.

4. The icing on your cake should not be dry or have a skin. If it does become dry, apply a fine mist of water onto the surface before applying your printed image.

Please see back page for the oven method or read on for the Freezer Method

5. Ensure your hands are completely dry and remove the icing sheet from the zip-lock bag. Lay the topper flat in the freezer for approximately 1 minute (exact times will vary, depending on your appliance, but for a maximum of 3 minutes).Take out of the freezer.


Please don't try to force it off or damage may be caused to the icing. The crucial bit that needs to be followed is when removing the sheet from the freezer, DO NOT DELAY, start to remove the frozen icing sheet from the flexible backing before you even close the freezer door, even a few seconds will thaw it. If it starts to thaw before you've removed it, pop it back in the freezer for 2 more minutes and be quicker next time. If you feel the freezer method is not working for you, your freezer may not be cold enough or too humid. If this is the case you should use a hairdryer for a couple of minutes about 5 inches above the icing to remove any moisture from the icing. Then use your freezer again. If you haven't damaged your topper by forcing it then you may Phone our support line 07775 802 372 and we will guide you if necessary, if we are unable to answer please leave a message including your Name, phone number and email address, (so we can locate you in our database) and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Remove the topper by holding it flat in one hand and pulling the backing paper down and away from the topper with the other. If, for some reason, you haven't been quick enough and the topper starts to go soft again (this can happen very fast, especially in a warm kitchen) don't worry, simply pop it back in the freezer for another minute and repeat the process and your topper will easily separate from the backing sheet.

6. Next, lay your topper onto your cake, by holding the topper in both hands and placing the middle of the topper onto the cake first, and then the ends. If any bubbles or wrinkles appear, gently pat them out with your finger.

7. Various toppings can be used for your cake, however, a very wet whipped cream or non-dairy topping can cause image to fade if placed in your fridge. You will notice there is virtually no taste to the icing sheet when you cut the cake and eat it.

8. Any white border showing is due to unavoidable manufacturer alignment and, if deemed necessary, can easily be trimmed before freezing using kitchen scissors.

Shelf Life: If kept sealed in zip-lock bag is over 1 year. Please ensure your freezer is turned up to its Maximum cold for at least 30 mins before popping your topper into it. The colder the better. P.T.O

First time reading of these instructions may appear worrying, but 99% of people succeed first time.

Cup Cake/Fairy Cake Toppers Instructions

Freezer Method.

The same instructions for removing round and A4 toppers from their backing can also apply when removing cup cake toppers. But the oven method is more efficient, please see below.

Please ensure that your freezer is turned up to its maximum cold 30 minutes before you start.

However, with the freezer method we do recommend that you cut the plastic backing into individual squares and place them into a freezer at a speed that you can work at, rather than placing all 12 in at once.

For example if you remove too many from the freezer in 1 go, by the time you have placed the first one or two, the others will have softened and may become difficult to remove.

THE OVEN METHOD 30 to 50 C only. No higher

Place your topper sheet onto a middle shelf of a cold oven, turn the temperature control to 30 C - 50 C and leave the oven door open.

Do not use a grill or an oven's top shelf. Gas ovens may be too hot on the lowest setting, please observe carefully for the plastic backing starting to wrinkle! Just use the dry heat coming from the open oven door to dry the icing out.

Stand and wait for up to 10 minutes, periodically testing to see if the icing has dried out sufficiently by gently bending the backing sheet down, away from the icing. Do not leave the icing in the oven unattended!

After about 10 minutes has elapsed your icing should have dried out and should easily pop off.

Do not force the icing. If it isn't ready, it isn't ready. J

Disclaimer If your backing sheet melts then your oven was too hot.

Do not leave the icing in the oven unattended!

Any white border showing is due to unavoidable manufacturer alignment and, if deemed necessary, can easily be trimmed before freezing, using kitchen scissors.

Many thanks for looking.

Steven & Diane


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