FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Edible Cake Toppers?
Answer. Click HERE for the Answer

2. How long do they keep?
Answer. They have a shelf life of about 12 months.

3. What are they made of?
Answer. The ingredients of our cake Toppers are as follows, The ingredients of our caketoppers are as follows
Corn Syrup
Corn Syrup solids
Sugar vegetable oil
Arabic Gum
Polysorbate 80
Titanium Dioxide
Citric Acid

The edible ink used to print the image may contain all or any of the following...
Deionised water
Monopropylene glycol E1520
Carmoisine E122
Quinoline yellow E104
Brilliant blue E133
Sunset yellow E110
Isopropyl alcohol
Glycerine E640
Sodium Benzoate E211

4.I'm clicking 'add this to my cart' and nothing seems to happen, Why is this?
Answer Something will have changed at the top of the page, which will be now showing a yellow band with an error message. Most products have a REQUIRED option. Usually this is Wording, if you fill in this box with "no text required" or your Happy Birthday message etc, then the page will allow you to proceed. We have this in place to prevent customers from NOT giving us vital information, that we used to be always having to ask for.

5.How long does it take from ordering to delivery?
Answer. We post every working day Monday to Friday and try to post our "Queue Jumper orders" ahead of our more organised customers. We try to turn around orders within 48 hours of receiving them, but at peak times and if we have queries we need you to answer, this may not always be possible. First Class UK orders are mostly delivered the next working day after posting, but this will depend on Royal Mail and is not guaranteed and sometimes can take a few days longer to arrive. If you need your order with only a week to spare, we recommend choosing our 'Priority Order Queue Jumper Service' using First Class post or Special Delivery for urgent orders. Please Note:- Special Delivery orders are posted the day after receiving your order.

6. If my topper should have arrived by now, what should I do?
Answer. Contact your local sorting office and see if they have tried to deliver and returned it to the sorting office awaiting your collection. Sometimes posties forget to leave a calling card.
Also Check in your porch, shed, garage, with neighbours etc.

7. If a cake topper arrives late, is it unusable?
Answer.It will still be fit for purpose even if your birthday has been missed. It's your choice to use it late or not and lateness doesn't make our product faulty

8. If I contact you in good time and my topper hasn't arrived and should have by now, would you send a new one?
Answer.At our discretion we usually do send a replacement.

9. Should I expect a full refund if it arrives late?
Answer. Sorry, NO! unless you've opted for Special Delivery. 1st class post is NOT guaranteed by the Royal Mail or picturethatcake

10. How do you send them?
Answer. Your cake topper will arrive sealed in an air-tight bag, inside a board backed envelope, that states DO NOT BEND with easy to follow instructions.

11. For Photos, what's the best way to send them to you?
Answer. by email, using a large file size, please don't allow your email software to shrink the filesize to make it easier to email. Photos, can also be uploaded using the BROWSE button on most of the designs.

12. How do I buy a cake Topper?
Answer. Just click on your design of choice and enter the quantity needed, your wording, whether you require matching fairy cakes and when you need it by, then follow the instructions during checkout.

13. Are they Vegetarian?
Answer. Yes they are Vegetarian.
14. Are they Kosher?
Answer Yes they are Kosher.

15. Are Matching Fairy Cakes always a precise copy of the original design or do you choose the best way to present the image on the matching fairy cakes.
Answer We choose what we believe is the best way to present the image in the smaller size that fairy cakes are. If you wish to specify something that we may not anticipate as your requirements, it's better to let us know in the comments within your order and not after you receive it.
Please note the accuracy of each icing sheet has a tolerance of a few millimetres. Please consider this, as cake toppers are manufactured with ingredients, they are not precision cut paper and as such a small margin of alignment must be considered the norm.

16. If my wording for the main topper is too long for my matching fairy cake toppers, will you reduce it or abbreviate it to make it look better on a fairy cake.
Answer Yes we will make your fairy cake toppers look their best. Too many words are hard to read at a small size. If you insist on a long phrase for your matching fairy cakes it's better to let us know in your order what your precise requirements are.

17. I've paid 2.50 for your queue jumper service + 1.85 for p&p, how come it arrived with only a 61p or 90p postage on it. This looks like you've added a lot onto your post and packing
Answer The Queue jumper service is just as it says, by paying this we prioritise your order and put you in front of other customers who have given us longer to process their order. Most people have had 12 months notice that their birthday was approaching and leaving it until the last minute and hoping we stay up til 2am to get you out of trouble has a price to it. :-)

Post & Packing (p&p) includes the Royal Mail Postage cost (61p or 90p) and a large board backed C4 envelope and a ziplock plastic bag and a double sided colour sheet of instructions, we also put petrol in our car to get to the post office and all these items are not free. If the cost of our queue jumper service is too expensive for you then the choice is yours to not pay it. I hope that doesn't come across as too aggressive.
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